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I. Ralph BANCROFT b. Abt 1547, Chellaston, Derbyshire, England, m. Alice ?, b. Abt 1549, Chellaston, Derbyshire, England.  Ralph died ENGLAND.
 A. Thomas BANCROFT b. Abt 1570, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad, m. Abt 1595, in Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad, Rebecca ERRINGTON, b. Abt 1574, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad, (daughter of ? ERRINGTON and unknown). Thomas died 13 Oct 1626, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad, buried: 13 Oct 1626.
  1. John BANCROFT b. Abt 1597, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad, occupation Qv, m. Abt 1622, in Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad, Jane ?, b. Abt 1601, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad.  John died ? ___ 1637, Southhampton, Suffolk Co., NY.  Came to American on the "James" from London.  Left on April 1632. Arrived near Lynn, MA June 12 [8 weeks passage].
   a. Anna BANCROFT b. ? ___ 1627, Swarkston, Derbyshire, ENG, m. 13 May 1647, in Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, John Windsor GRIFFITH, b. 1608/09, Wales, (son of John GRIFFITH and Ann LANGFORD) occupation Lt. Qv, d. ? Aug 1681, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.  Anna died Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.  John: John left London on the ship 'Constance', on Oct. 1635.  John Griffin first noted in Windsor, Conn. abt 1646.  He was a first settler of Simsbury, Conn. where he had a land Grant as a reward for his introduction of pitch and tar manufacturing.  He was a Representative for some years.  He cameto Boston in 1635.
    (1) Hannah GRIFFIN b. 4 Jul 1649, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, d. 16 Feb 1736, Branford, New Haven Co., CT.
    (2) Mary GRIFFIN b. 3 Jan 1651, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT, d. 23 Jun 1728, CONNECTICUT.
    (3) Sarah GRIFFIN b. 25 Dec 1654, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
    (4) John GRIFFIN b. 25 Oct 1656, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, d. 19 Aug 1737.
    (5) Thomas GRIFFIN b. 3 Oct 1658, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT, m. March 1693/94, in Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, Elizabeth WELTON, also known as: Wilton b. ? ___ 1673, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.  Thomas died 28 Aug 1719, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
    (6) Abigail GRIFFIN b. 12 Nov 1660, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, d. 31 Mar 1698, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
    (7) Mindwell GRIFFIN b. 11 Feb 1662, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
    (8) Ruth GRIFFIN b. 21 Jan 1665, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, d. 27 Aug 1719, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
    (9) Ephraim GRIFFIN b. 1 Mar 1668, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, m. 9 Dec 1707, in Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, Elizabeth ADAMS, b. 21 Feb 1686/87, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.  Ephraim died 26 Sep 1725, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
    (10) Nathaniel GRIFFIN b. 31 May 1673, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, d. 23 Feb 1713, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.
   b. John BANCROFT b. Abt 1623, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad, d. 6 Aug 1662.
   c. Thomas BANCROFT b. ? ___ 1625, Chellaston, Derbyshire, England, d. 14 Dec 1684, Enfield, Hartford Co., CT.
   d. Samuel BANCROFT b. Abt 1628, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad.
   e. William BANCROFT b. Abt 1630, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad.
  2. Ralph BANCROFT b. ? ___ 1598, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad.
  3. Thomas BANCROFT b. Abt 1600, Swarkson, Derbyshire, Englad.
  4. Dorthy BANCROFT b. Abt 1602.
  5. Elizabeth BANCROFT b. Abt 1604.


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