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My Dad and I

Carla and Carla


My name is Carla – and this is my dad, Carl McNutt.  He’s a sixty-seven year old aerospace worker with a wonderful sense of humor and a creative intelligence. 

Carl’s current hobbies are volunteer carpentry and repair for Washington County [Utah] housing complexes, family genealogy and trying to convert his daughter’s eating habits from coffee shop fare to home cooked meals.

Space Shuttle Enterprise

Some of the companies Carl worked for were the big names in the U.S. like Rockwell [the Space Shuttle Enterprise, B1 Bomber] and LockheedLockheed L1011

"The [other]projects I worked on  were = The space born antenna, Pathfinder, Galliao, Cassini,a computer communication console for the Army,
The mobile telephone(the one you are using), The Limsounder [
an Earth Satellite designed to measure the ozone in the atmosphere as it goes around and around the earth] and some I don't remember." -Carl McNutt

 He spent his last sixteen work-years at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  His is one of the names included on the microchip on board the STARDUST spacecraft.

After retirement Carl had moved to Jerome, Idaho near his sister Dawn.  But it was too cold to many months out of the year, so he finally settled on a small town in southern Utah where he resides today surrounded by the glorious geology of the Colorado Plateau.

Looking out over town...

Pretty nice list of accomplishments for the son of man who wandered looking for work.

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