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Dykes Family Photos

Picture donations made by Wayland Dykes
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Elbert Jasper & Eva May [Whetsel] Dykes Family

 This photo is of Elbert Jasper (1870-1938) & Eva May (Whetsel) (1873-1959) Dykes's FamilyThis photo was taken May 1921 this was after their daughter Carma Loren Dykes (1899-1920) had died of of influenza. Also my grandfather Glade Ronda Dykes (1897-1992) was not in the photo, I don't know why he was not there. The people in the photo are as followed (Back Row L-R) Glen Dykes (1908-1928), Joseph Paul Dykes (1904-1990), Minta Atta Dykes (1902-1995), Carl Arna Dykes (1906-1991), (Front Row L-R) Elbert Jasper Dykes (1870-1938), Thelma Harold Dykes (1916-1973), Eva May (Whetsel) Dykes (1873-1959) About the family Elbert Jasper Dykes born March 25th 1870 to Joseph & Lydia M. (Phillips) Dykes was a farmer also he made furniture & coffins for the people in the neighborhood. He married Eva May Whetsel daughter of Paulser & Margarette Jane (Green) Whetsel on October 23 1895 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Elbert Jasper Dykes died October 27th 1938. Eva May (Whetsel) Dykes was born December 17 1873 and died 1959.Their Children1. Glade Ronda Dykes born July 31 1897 married February 18 1922 to Norma Harbour died Jan 9 19922. Carma Loren Dykes born September 14 1899 never married died March 19 19203. Minta Atta Dykes born March 10 1902 married Berton Morrison died 19954. Joseph Paul Dykes born February 7 1906 married Ona Doty died March 11 19905. Carl Arna Dykes born July 4 1906 married Della Hensley died July 30 19916. Glen Dykes born October 4 1908 never married died October 12 19287. Denzel Dale Dykes born June 11 1912 never married died October 22 1944 (in WWII)8. Thelma Harold Dykes born March 20 1916 married Debbie Light died February 10 1973

Elbert and Eva and Dykes Family

Elbert Jasper & Eva May (Whetsel) Dykes Family. In the photo are (Back Row L-R) Denzil Dale Dykes (1912-1944) (he was killed in WWII), Carl Arna Dykes (1906-1991), Elbert Jasper Dykes (1870-1938), Eva May (Whetsel) Dykes (1873-1959) (Front Row L-R) Glade Ronda Dykes (1897-1992) (my grandfather) Ruth Mae Morrison (still living: Atta (Dykes) Morrison's daughter), Thelma Harold Dykes (1916-1973)

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