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Hahn AFB

On 21 March 1951,
approximately 1280 acres of land were acquired for an air base near the two small towns of
Hahn and Lautzenhausen in the Hunsrück area of Western Germany.
These two towns were located about 60 miles west of Wiesbaden,
Germany, 50 miles south of Koblenz, Germany, and 50 miles northeast of Trier,
Germany. Nearby was the Mozel River, one of the world's most famous wine producing regions.

The base itself was located high on a ridge,
1650 feet above sea level, at a northern latitude approximately even with Labrador.
That gave Hahn long winters and short summers with fog usually
a part of the scenery throughout the year. Rain, both the hard driving type and drizzle variety,
was not an uncommon occurance. In winter, there was considerable snow,
and in general the weather picture was like that of the New England states.
Hahn was acknowledged as havinq the worst weather in Europe and that required
a great deal of instrument flying with little flying during
the usual weather minimums in the winter and early spring.


If you know the names of any of these fellows,
write to me below and I'll write them in. 
Unfortunatly I didn't write them on the back of the photos.


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